Why You Should Call a Tree Removal Service

Most people initially think that tree removal is pretty straightforward and easy. If you were to cut down a tree in the middle of the woods, then this might be the case. However, as many homeowners have found out (the hard way) it is not as simple to remove a tree from your yard. Before we get into the prices and cost let’s take a look at some of the risk that tree service professionals have to deal with.

The Risks of Tree Removal

  • Personal Injury – Anytime a tree climber ascends into a tree, he/she is at risk of not coming back down. A slip of the chainsaw or the breaking of a supporting branch is enough to cause fatal injuries. The more experience and training the climber has, the less risk the climber is to sustain a personal Injury.
  • Property Damage – It happens to the best of us. Trees sometimes can be unpredictable. Especially a tree that looks extremely healthy but is hollow on the inside due to rot. Rotten or Dead Trees are hard to control because the wood can be so brittle. If a branch breaks off unexpectedly it could fall in an undesirable location causing property damage.
  • Neighbor Property Damage – The more experience and training you have cutting trees you can minimize the risk of damaging your property or even worse… your neighbor’s property. This mistake is even worse than damaging your own house because you are now open for a lawsuit.

When closely evaluating the risks involved in tree removal it starts to become abundantly clear why so many people call tree services for dangerous tree work. Just because you hired a professional does not mean the risk is gone, but it does mean that you are no longer responsible for what happens when you’re cutting down a tree.

So, if you are looking to hire a tree service to cut down and remove your trees here are some of the things you need to be mindful of.

  • Fully Licensed – The Company has their respective business and tree service license.
  • Insured – Most professionals will be insured. If they are not insured walk away.
  • Experience – Just below the license and insurance they need experience. This is usually indicated by how long the company has been open.
  • References – Make sure they have some references that you can contact. This is a good time to ask about the quality of their work.
  • Free Quote – A tree service company that charges you for a quote is not a good company. The one that gives the free quote is the one that lets his work make the profit.

So now that you know that tree removal isn’t as straightforward or easy as some people may think. And you are now aware of some of the risks involved with tree removal. What will you do next time a tree needs to be removed? Will you be smart and call a professional? Or will you risk it and end up on one of those YouTube fail compilations of tree removal that we have all seen?