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Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn is a local Louisiana business that offers premier Lawncare services and knowledge about tree care in the Metaire and Kenner areas. Our team is comprised of elite professionals who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to handling your lawn. Whether you have Burmuda grass, Zoysia grass, St. Augustine grass, or any other type of grass, our team can handle it. There is no job too big or too small for Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn. We have equipment to handle all your lawn maintenance needs. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help advise you on how to keep your trees and landscape looking neat, healthy, and safe. Do you have problem branches or whole trees that could cause damage to your home and property? The information on this website can help you do it yourself! Or, if your job is too big to take on yourself, call Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn and we can refer you to a credible tree service for all your tree trimming or tree removal needs.


When something is wrong with a tree, it is often difficult to decide when to remove it. There are many factors that play a role in this decision, such as the cost of tree removal and even sometimes sentimental value of the tree. Not only are dead or dying trees unappealing to look at, but they can also harbor many species of woodpeckers, rodents, insects, and other wildlife. Sometimes these infestations can cause pest problems in the home.

Dead or dying trees can also pose a threat to your safety. Trees with serious defects are dangerous and can cause serious personal injury or property damage. Trees that pose these threats should be taken care of immediately. To see if your tree is a threat, It must be inspected by a certified arborist. This is especially true if you have branches that you can visibly see hanging from the tree. Removing dead or dying trees can be difficult, even for those who are familiar with the tree work. In this case, it is advisable to call a specialist to remove the dead branches as soon as possible.

Tree Service Metairie, LA
Tree Service Metairie, LA


An arborist is a person who is certified to safely and efficiently cut down and remove trees for you. In order to become certified, arborists passed a rigorous certification exam that tested their knowledge on arboriculture- the study of how trees grow and respond to their different environments. These tree professionals are easy to work with and efficient in their mission to remove the tree from your property. No matter the size of the tree, small trees to large trees, it can be removed at a reasonable price with dependable service. Arborists are experienced in the science of caring for and maintaining trees and tree care.


Whether or not to call an arborist for tree removal can be a hard decision to make. Knowing if it's necessary to call a professional tree service can be determined by the following factors:


If tree branches grow to touch the siding of a property, mold is more likely to grow on the siding. To avoid the molding of property, call a tree company to remove a tree or trim its branches. Termites can invade and destroy your structure through the branches touching the house. The termites can also cause the weakening of the tree and make the tree more likely to fall over from storms or strong winds. Termites cause the decaying of the wood structure, and if they have access to your house, can cause the structure to become unstable. If you find your tree growing too close to properties, you should call Cutting Edge Tree Removal, Metairie’s number one trusted tree cutting and removal company. Cutting Edge Tree Removal is made up of licensed, certified, and insured arborists, who will remove obstacles before they cause destruction to your house or property.


The root system is the main support system of your tree. If the roots are decaying, then winds or storms could cause the tree to fall and do detrimental damage to your property. Call an arborist to safely remove your tree before it is too late. Root disease is also a main reason to call a tree surgeon. A way to detect disease of the roots are mushrooms growing at the bottom of the tree. These mushrooms are a sign of internal rotting, so an tree service should be called as soon as possible after the disease is recognized. A diseased tree should be cut down by an arborist as soon as possible, so that the disease is not spread to other trees surrounding it. Calling a tree service to check out a tree disease is a good idea, so that your other trees do not become infected. Lastly, discolored leaves or strange bumps on the bark signify the need to call a tree removal company immediately.


If a tree has fallen on your property, call a tree surgeon to get it removed. No matter how big or how small a fallen tree may be, Cutting Edge has a guide on how to safely remove the tree. Big branches can also be cleared by an arborist to ensure your safety and clear any large obstacles in the way of your property. Usually, homeowners insurance will cover the cost of the removal, so calling a licensed arborist is your safest and recommended option.


A weak tree should be removed before storm season to make sure the tree does not fall due to strong winds, tornados, or hurricanes. High winds along with an unstable tree can lead to destruction of property from a fallen tree. In order to prevent this destruction, call a tree surgeon to remove an unstable tree for you. If a tree has been taken down by a storm, a tree company can get their team of certified arborists to remove the tree from your property for you.


If you need room to change the landscape, call an arborist. They are willing to cut down and remove trees with proper equipment to make room for buildings. The trees on your property are an investment that directly affect the property value, so the health of your trees matters to ensure the best property management and value.


Arborists can advise you if your tree needs to be removed from your property. The tree specialist can inspect around your property and the tree to see if your property is in danger of the tree. If in danger, the tree surgeon will recommend the removal of the tree and will go through a safe process of removing the tree and disposing of the tree for you, which will lessen the hassle of the project.


Arborists can advise you if your tree needs to be removed from your property. The tree specialist can inspect around your property and the tree to see if your property is in danger of the tree. If in danger, the tree surgeon will recommend the removal of the tree and will go through a safe process of removing the tree and disposing of the tree for you, which will lessen the hassle of the project.


Cutting Edge's Lawn service is a reputable and dependable company with professional employees who put their best work into every project. Cutting Edge Lawn service is composed of people who are trained to use the most advanced equipment that gives a pristine look to your yard. Our team shows up every time in a timely and professional manner. We are always sure to communicate our plans with you, and we will always combine all your needs into our plan.

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