Lawn Care Service

Cutting Edge's Lawn service is a reputable and dependable company with professional employees who put their best work into every project. Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn is composed of people who are trained to use the most advanced equipment that gives a pristine look to your yard. Our team shows up every time in a timely and professional manner. We are always sure to communicate our plans with you, and we will always combine all your needs into our plan. Our company goal is to give customer satisfaction to all of our customers by giving your yard a greener, lusher look. Please do not hesitate to call us, Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn, with any lawn related questions that you may have!

Why should I hire a professional to cut my grass?

One reason you should get our professional lawn maintenance team to cut your grass is because we know the appropriate length to cut the grass. Cutting your grass too short is a major problem that is faced among most lawn owners. Cutting too close to the ground is also known as scalping, and this increases the amount of nutrients that the grass will need to healthily grow back. This short cut grass also causes the soil to dry and causes weeds to grow quicker. Surprisingly, shorter grass will grow back quicker, which means it takes more maintenance to take care of. Cutting Edge's Lawn service workers know the appropriate length to cut your grass to induce a healthy look, feel, and growth pattern. Another reason our lawn service company should cut your lawn is because we have the most high-tech equipment with sharp blades that allow for a clean cut. Few people keep their mower's blades sharp, so it would be beneficial to call a lawn professional to cut your grass. There are many other reasons to hire a professional, including consistency, aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and maintenance. Your lawn will be maintained by our lawn care service company on a schedule. You do not have to worry about making time in your busy schedule to mow your lawn because it will be consistently cut by us. Also, if you hire us for your lawn maintenance, we will ensure that your lawn looks great. Hiring a professional to mow your lawn is a very affordable and cost-effective option. Our professionals have high-end equipment to do the job effectively. Therefore, you do not have to purchase your own equipment or keep up with the equipment. Lawn cutting equipment is expensive and hard to keep up with sharpening the blades and replacing the oil. Hiring a professional from our Lawn Service gives you the best of both worlds: a well-kept and healthy lawn along with a stress-free process.

How often should I cut my grass?

Generally, you will not have to cut your grass as often in the winter than you will have to in the spring. There are different factors that determine how often you should cut your grass, such as the rate of your grass growth and your desired height of grass. Some more factors that determine how often to mow your grass are the rainfall amounts, soil type, and grass type. Generally, your grass should be cut once a week in the growing season. The growing season is the spring months, which is considered March through May. Any other time of the year, grass cutting frequency can be set to every other week.

Why should I cut my grass?

Keeping up with your lawn is a very important aspect of keeping your home environment aesthetically pleasing and safe. Regular mowing will keep your grass growing healthily and allow it to maintain a proper density. Regular mowing also leads to minimal weeds. The mowing also stimulates better health because the clippings left on the lawn gives the grass extra nutrients to stay a vibrant green color. Photosynthesis is easily able to occur in a mowed lawn because the blades are able to absorb adequate amounts of nutrition. Freshly cut grass is an important aspect of the aesthetic of your backyard. Well-trimmed grass makes your land look pleasing to the eye.

How do I know if my grass has a problem or a disease?

One of the main signs that shows that your grass is starting to wilt is that your footprints remain in the lawn after you walk through the grass. To tell if your grass is diseased, look for straw-yellow spots that look water-soaked. If your grass is able to be pulled out from the ground easily, the blades are probably deaf. Lawn fungus is a relatively common problem with grass. To detect lawn fungus, you will see yellow patches of discolored grass. Some main telltale signs that someone is wrong with your grass is discoloration, thinning, powdery substance across the lawn, spots on the grass blades, or grass appearing chewed.


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Grass Type Table

Type of Grass Information & description Pros Cons
Bermuda grass Gray-green color; rough- edged blades; purple stems; grows aggressively Good in hot sun; does well during drought periods Needs to be mowed frequently; high maintenance
Carpet grass Light green; blunt leaves with round tops; moderately dense; grows slowly Adapts well to acidic sandy soils in Louisiana; low fertility requirements Takes a long time to recover from droughts; seed stalks grow to be 12 inches, which look like weeds
Centipede grass Lime green; dense; spreads through surface runners Adapts well to acidic sandy soil; fairly drought tolerant; easy to maintain Not for high traffic areas
St. Augustine Grass Blue- green; flat stems; broad leaves; dense; spreads rapidly Attractive; most shade tolerant warm- season grass; can survive droughts Little tolerance for traffic; medium to high maintenance; thatch problems
Seashore paspalum Bright green; medium to fine leaf texture; dense; spreads aggressively Adapts well to salt- affected areas; can tolerate moderate amounts of traffic and shade; low watering and fertilizing maintenance Needs to be mowed frequently
Zoysia grass Dark green High shade tolerance; low water maintenance; traffic friendly Thatch issues; needs to be mowed frequently