Preparing Your Lawn for Winter: A Guide for Residents of Metairie, LA




It’s time to move your attention from summer lawn maintenance to winterization. Its that time of the year again when the brilliant colors of fall begin to fade and the temperature lowers. Even though the winters in Metairie, Louisiana are mild, your grass still needs special attention. We at Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn are aware of the unique requirements Metairie’s lawns have. We'll walk you through all the necessary measures in this in-depth guide to make sure your lawn stays healthy all winter long.

Lawn Mowing and Trimming:

It's important to give your grass a thorough mow before the winter months arrive. To avoid snow, ice, mold, and other winter illnesses, cut your grass somewhat shorter than usual—but not too short. Aim for a height of approximately 1.5 to 2 inches to prevent matting and allow the grass to breathe. It is also necessary to cut your grass at least every three weeks during the winter to keep the growth of weeds down.

Clear all Debris:

A trail of leaves, sticks, and other debris is left behind by the fall season could be detrimental to your yard if not cleared. Before winter approaches, make sure to give your lawn a good cleaning. These substances can stifle ventilation, sunlight, and water, which could lead to suffocation of your grass.

Fertilize Your Lawn:

Adding fertilizer to your lawn in the late fall or early winter will help your grass survive the winter. Select a slow-releasing fertilizer that is balanced to supply vital nutrients and encourage root development. This is one of the most important lawn care tips we can offer to keep your grass healthy throughout the winter.


Fertilize Your Lawn:

Aerate Your Lawn:

While this step is not absolutely necessary, it will improve the overall health of your lawn. To improve air and water circulation, aeration entails creating tiny holes in the soil. This procedure can promote root development, reduce soil compaction, and enhance the general health of the grass. The best time of year for aeration is late October.


Aerate Your Lawn:

Overseeding Your Lawn:

Consider overseeding your grass in the late fall to cover any bare or thin patches. Choose grass varieties that are most suited to Metairie, Louisiana's climate, such as St. Augustine or Bermuda. If you overseed your lawn, it will appear more lush throughout the winter. This is a great way to hide all the neglect throughout the hot summer.

Watering Your Lawn:

Although Metairie's winters are usually mild, you should still give your lawn some water. All forms of life need water. Your grass may look brown and dead, but it is in a dormant state. During dry spells, remember to water your lawn, giving it about an inch of water every two to three weeks. By doing this, you'll keep your grass from drying out and going to seed.

Protect Against Weeds:

Even throughout the cold, weeds can be tenacious. Weeds can survive and even thrive in conditions too harsh for grass. To stop weed development, apply a pre-emergent weed control product in late fall. Make sure you use a product meant for the weeds that are prevalent in Metairie. This should be a step every year in your routine lawn care maintenance.

Snow & Ice Removal:

Metairie typically experiences little to no snowfall, although there is still a chance of frost and ice on occasion. If so, exercise caution when clearing snow or ice off your lawn so as not to harm the grass beneath. It is advised to use a snow blower or a light shoveling method by hand.

Professional Lawn Care Services: 

You should think about hiring a professional lawn care service in metairie like Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn for the greatest results with winter lawn care. We have the know-how and tools necessary to make sure your lawn looks its best all winter long.

Professional Lawn Care Services: 
Although winter lawn care in Metairie, Louisiana isn't as hard as it is in other areas, it's still very important to have a green, healthy lawn all year long. You'll be ready to maintain the finest possible appearance of your lawn during the winter months if you adhere to the instructions provided in this article. For professional advice and services, don't hesitate to contact Cutting Edge Tree and Lawn if you need help or have inquiries about winter lawn care. Come springtime, your lawn will appreciate it!